Sometimes We Just Don’t Know

Are Character Cavalcades here to stay? 

I’ve seen a lot of questions lately that I can understand why people would ask. How many people will be at Disney After Hours Boo Bash? Will the parks be crowded this January? How should I pack for my trip in February? When are full parades coming back, or are they keeping Character Cavalcades? Sometimes the answer to these questions is that we just don’t know.

Often some of the information is already out there. In the case of what to pack, you need to just check the weather a few days before your trip. Summer weather is easy to guess in Florida; it will be hot and humid, rain for ten minutes, and then become hotter than the surface of the sun. Winter is much more difficult. For someone who likes to pack well in advance, I suggest packing a little bit of everything.

Other questions are not so easy. I see questions about Boo Bash all the time. This is a special event that has never been held before, so no one knows for sure what it will be like. The few things that we do know are all from the Walt Disney World website. The first time that it takes place will be August 10, so we’ll know more information the next day. Until then, unless it’s already on the Walt Disney World website, we don’t really know.

We also have no idea how The World’s Most Magical Celebration will affect crowds in the coming months. The party is scheduled to last a full 18 months! I know people who haven’t been in years who want to visit while the celebration is still taking place. Whether or not it will affect crowds all 18 months, we just don’t know.

I personally prefer Character Cavalcades over full parades. They run often, so you are sure to see someone if you wait a little while. They are also short, they don’t take up a large chunk of your day. That said, we know that cavalcades will run through the Christmas Season because Disney has given some information on them. After that, we don’t know. There are no rumors of parades returning anytime soon.

My point in all of this is that we all have questions, and sometimes they don’t have answers. If something hasn’t yet taken place, be careful where you get your information. There is a lot of bad information out there. Sometimes it’s because people assume that they’re right, and other times because they have no idea what they are talking about. When you hear an answer to an unanswerable question, take it with a grain of salt. If it didn’t come from Disney or a reputable website (like Disney Over 50, I won’t steer you wrong), then don’t trust it as fact.