Sunday Savings Series: Lucasfilm50 Sweepstakes, Week One

Photo courtesy D23 

Usually I’ll add information about contests on Sundays, but yesterday I had a trip to Walt Disney World to tell you about, so I decided to wait until today for this one. You have to enter immediately, because today is the last day of Week One. If you miss out, there are still three more weeks of prizes that you can try for.

The contest is called Lucasfilm50 Sweepstakes, and it’s sponsored by D23. It’s hard to believe that Lucasfilm is celebrating its Golden Anniversary! There are four weeks of prizes total. The period to enter each week runs Tuesdays through Mondays throughout the contest.

The prize for Week One is called The Ultimate Lucasfilm Collection. It consists of the following on Blu-ray:

  • Skywalker Saga (Episodes 1-9)
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Willow
  • The Indiana Jones Collection Box Set

To enter you must be a D23 Member, but general membership is free. You can join here, look on the page for “Become a General Member”. To learn more about the Lucasfilm50 Sweepstakes or enter Week One, head here. I’ll let you know about Week Two in a few days. Good luck!