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The Rundown on Modified Park Hopper

These signs are now outside of the parks

Update! Disney has added a Park Hopper Hotline. Call 407-560-5000 after 2:00 to find out which parks have availability. 

Park Hopper has returned! It’s modified, but the return is a welcome step forwards towards “normal”. Here is what you need to know. Remember, this is a work in progress, Disney could change things at any time.

You will need to have a Disney Park Pass Reservation in order to Park Hop. You will also need to scan into that park. You can’t have a reservation at Epcot but first head to the Magic Kingdom, you have to go to Epcot first. At 2:00, you are able to hop to another park. You do not need a reservation for the second park. Capacity is still limited, so there is a chance that you could be turned away. I haven’t heard of that happening to anyone, though.

If you’re unsure of whether or not a second park is at capacity, there are supposed to be Cast Members near the entrance of each park to give out that information. We didn’t see any, but honestly we weren’t looking. You can also find out by heading to the park-to-park transportation. Don’t look on the My Disney Experience App, so far that information isn’t anywhere to be found. I hope that’s changed soon. Disney wants us to use the app for everything else, this info should be on it.

I know this is obvious, but you need to have the Park Hopper Option on your ticket if you want to Park Hop. If you’re an Annual Passholder it’s included (except for the Epcot After 4:00 ticket that some Florida Residents have).

The four park challenge is possible! We didn’t try it, but I know of several people who did. If that’s something that you might be interested in attempting, keep an eye on the closing times for the parks. Disney’s Animal Kingdom usually closes pretty early.

If you’re hoping to ride Rise of the Resistance, you’ll need for your Disney Park Pass Reservation to be for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They’ve changed the second time for the release of Boarding Groups to 1:00, but a lot of people think that they’ll be able to beat the system. They won’t.

Those are the basics on modified Park Hopper. As I mentioned, Walt Disney World has said that things could change and evolve, so what is true today may not be the case tomorrow. If I hear of any changes, I’ll let you know.