Sunday Savings Series: Is Disney+ Worth the Cost?

I watch Disney+ a lot more than I thought I would!

On Sundays I like to talk about ways to save money. Most of the time it has to do with a Walt Disney World vacation, although sometimes I will share a contest with you that I think you might find interesting. I’m going to go in a different direction today. Instead, I’d like to talk about Disney+. Is it worth the cost?

A few days ago there were several announcements made about the streaming service. We learned about new series and movies that will soon be included in the cost. We also learned that the price is going to go up to $7.99 a month in March, an increase of one dollar. It’s still a bargain; if you actually watch it.

My Disney+ subscription started out for free through Verizon. On our plan we didn’t pay for the first 12 months. I knew that we would watch, but I had no idea how much. Of course at the time we didn’t realize how drastically our lives would change this year, but we still would have watched a lot anyway. When it was time for us to pay for our first month we didn’t hesitate to continue the service.

Then again, $7.99 here and $7.99 there will add up. If you aren’t going to use the service you will be throwing money away. My TV home screen is filled with apps that I don’t use. Most of these were free, but the main streaming services do cost money. Add in a few extra services and you’ll end up paying way more each month than you ever thought possible.

If you’re going to watch Disney+, it’s a bargain. If you aren’t going to watch, then don’t throw away that $7.99. I figure if I watch one thing a month it pays for itself, and I watch more than that. If I could only have one streaming service, this is the one that I would pick. I love the amount of content, and I’ve seen some of the classics that I haven’t watch since I was a child. For me, Disney+ is worth the cost, but only you can decide if it will be for you.