Staying Responsible

Disney is doing their part, we need to keep doing ours 

I’m watching the news as I write this. Coronavirus numbers are through the roof yet again, and the job market is looking grim for many. They announced on the news that more Americans have died of COVID-19 complications than anything else this week. Yet I continue to go to Walt Disney World. Why? It’s all about staying responsible.

Walt Disney World has done their part to keep people safe. They have cut down on capacity and kept people apart in lines. They have increased disinfecting, and they have added hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. They have a mask policy that they are strictly enforcing. They have followed all of the guidelines that they were given to keep people safe. The rest of it is up to us.

I recently saw a celebrity couple that I will not mention by name who were adding pictures to social media of their day at the Magic Kingdom. Whenever they could, they removed their masks. They made a joke out of it. The whole thing disgusted me. Fortunately, this couple is one who will have fleeting fame, they’ll be forgotten a year from now. But I couldn’t help thinking about how many people might decide that the entire pandemic is a joke because they saw these two mocking the system.

I don’t care where someone stands on masks. If they are required at Walt Disney World, they need to be worn. It’s as simple as that. If Disney decided that everyone needed to wear blue to walk through the gates they could make that rule. It’s private property.

Most people are following the rules. They realize that Disney did not need to reopen. Many other places remain closed. Disneyland remains mostly closed. Yet Walt Disney World is open, and there have been no outbreaks traced back to the theme parks. These days I don’t feel safe going to many local stores, but I do feel safe going to Walt Disney World. I am responsible while I am there, and I thank you for being responsible as well.