Are December Crowds Still Low?

Pandemic aside, are December crowds still low? 

I have lived in Florida for just over ten years. When we first moved here, December was a great time to visit the theme parks, especially at the beginning of the month. The Thanksgiving crowds were gone, and the Christmas rush was still to come. The parks were festive, and they were almost empty, especially on weekdays. Is that still the case? I’m talking pre-pandemic, because there is nothing about this year that we can call normal.

Each year that I’ve lived here, I’ve seen the December crowds increase. I think that the word about low Wait Times is out, because those times grew each year. Last year the parks in December were very busy. I talked to several parents who took their kids out of school for their family vacation. They just didn’t want to fight the Christmas crowds.

There are three reasons why December has become so popular. Even though the crowds have picked up, they’re still smaller than July. The weather is also desirable. The final reason is obvious; no one does the holidays like Disney.

If you’re looking for lower crowds (when things are normal once again) I would recommend January. The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is busy, but besides that it’s a great time to visit. The crowds are smaller and the weather is delightful. The Christmas decorations are probably gone, but if you visit in early January you might still be able to enjoy them. Often Disney keeps them up for the first week or so of the New Year.