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One Last Drive

This picture that my daughter took kind of says it allĀ 

Walt Disney World is located in two Florida Counties, Orange and Osceola. Both counties are currently on a stay-at-home order. The announcement a few days ago pretty much dashed the last hope that Walt Disney World would reopen on April 1. A side note, the original announcement never said that the parks would reopen on April 1, it said that they would remain closed until March 31. It was carefully worded, but I digress.

Since my family and I live in a stay-at-home county, my daughter and I decided to make one last drive through the area on March 26. This included a quick loop around Walt Disney World. We did not get out of the car, stop (except at stop signs or lights), or even open the windows. Trust me, we’re taking this seriously. We were not the only people doing this.

On our voyage we drove the loop around the Magic Kingdom parking lot. It was filled with Disney buses, but no cars that we saw. We then decided to see what things looked like at Disney Springs. The parking lots were blocked off with cones, and there were no people out on the sidewalks. It was eerily still.

We didn’t drive up to any hotels, or the other theme park parking lots. A friend of ours who works in security told me a few days ago that the resort security parking booths are manned during the closure. That was good to hear, I didn’t like the thought of people just wandering for no reason. Speaking of security, during our drive we saw more security vehicles out than we normally see in a week. There were also several cars from the sheriff’s office. Disney is making sure that no one tries to be somewhere where they aren’t allowed.

The current stay-at-home order is supposed to last until April 9. Here’s hoping that things will have turned around by then. So far, my Disney withdrawals aren’t all that bad. Okay, so it’s just the first day, and I did superglue my fingers together while trying a home repair project, but I probably would have done that anyway…