Become a Wilderness Explorer!

Pick up a free Wilderness Explorers Handbook

I have been asked by someone who is planning a trip with her husband, kids, and grandkids about Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you have a question or a subject that you would be interested in learning more about, feel free to let me know using the contact me form.

Wilderness Explorers is a fun activity that is based on the film UP! As you might recall, Russell was a Wilderness Explorer and he was trying to earn badges. That is the basis for Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It all starts with picking up a Wilderness Explorers Handbook. There are several locations where you can get one, they’re marked on the park map or you can check the My Disney Experience App. Glance through the book, and you’ll see the various requirements that you’ll need to fulfill in order to earn badges. You’ll also learn how to spot a Troop Leader and a Field Guide.

From there, you pick a badge that you want to try for and fulfill the requirements. Some of the badges are Insect Badge, Conservation Badge, and Yeti Badge. There are over 30 in total, so don’t expect to get them all in one day. Once you’ve met the requirements for the badge, find a Troop Leader or Field Guide and collect the badge (sticker). Go at your own pace. Some kids obsess about getting as many badges as possible, but others just include it as a fun part of the day.

Another thing to keep in mind, this free program is not just for children. I’ve seen plenty of adults walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom, holding a Handbook even though there were no children in their immediate vicinity. After all, exploring isn’t just for kids!